Packaging & Transport

Managing impacts from transporting and packaging products.

How is this calculated?


Level 1: Build a foundation and set ambitions

VIVOBAREFOOT has an updated strategy which outlines a clear plan for delivering commitments related to packaging and transport with specific roles in charge. Moreover, the brand has made commitments around the use of transport methods with demonstrably lower environmental impacts, and can demonstrate on-going proactive prioritisation (e.g. sea shipping). There is an opportunity for the brand to monitor and measure the material composition of its packaging and evaluate the environmental impact of it. These foundational activities have resulted in a level 1 score of 61%.

Level 2: Make steady progress

VIVOBAREFOOT’s strategy includes SMART targets for packaging and transport, such as reducing the use of air freight companywide by 3%. The Operations and Sustainability Director and the CEO are formally accountable for achieving these targets. There is still room for the brand to prioritise and implement environmental impact reduction activities relevant to the transport of its products. Furthermore, the brand should demonstrate its use of more sustainable transport and product packaging. This has resulted in a level 2 score of 34%.

Level 3: Adopt best practice

VIVOBAREFOOT shows some best practice activities investing in innovative approaches to packaging and formally breaking down company targets around the impact of packaging and transport into role-specific targets. There is an opportunity for the brand to maintain a packaging restricted substance list (pRSL) and to engage consumers to minimise the environmental impact of packaging. These activities have resulted in a level 3 score of 23%.

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