Use & Durability

Managing product-use impacts and extending product life.

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Level 1: Build a foundation and set ambitions

VIVOBAREFOOT has a comprehensive strategy to reduce environmental impact from product use and to manage durability. VIVOBAREFOOT has an extensive product fault monitoring process in place and conducts wear tests as well as product tests and maintains a feedback loop to build on learnings. Specific roles are responsible for management its use and durability commitment. VIVOBAREFOOT’s product ‘in use’ care is communicated to customers through in-box labelling across 54% of its product range. There remains room for the brand to implement processes to monitor compliance with quality requirements. These foundational activities have awarded the brand a level 1 score of 86%.

Level 2: Make steady progress

VIVOBAREFOOT’s strategy for reducing environmental impact of use and durability has clear targets and timelines. The brands senior management, including the CEO, support managing environmental impacts from use and durability. There is opportunity for the brand to extend its care products to all product lines and become an active member of a relevant multi-stakeholder initiative (or equivalent) with a focus on use and durability. Resulting in a level 2 score of 44%.

Level 3: Adopt best practice

VIVOBAREFOOT actively advertises repair services for their hand cut collection to extend the life span of its products, and has developed a strategy to role this out across all ranges, starting with a UK based service. Furthermore, the brand is optimising the design of its products to increase the life span. There is room for VIVOBAREFOOT to break down targets to specific team or role, incentivising staff to achieve them and to implement a remediation process for missed targets. There is also the opportunity for brand to implement a product leasing option, resulting in a score of 43% on level 3.

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