VIVOBAREFOOT are on a mission to be the most influential shoe brand in the world. A business built around one simple insight, ‘shoes should let your feet do their natural thing’.

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These are the topics on which VIVOBAREFOOT engage. Browse below:


VIVOBAREFOOT's progress:

Each cube is broken down into three levels:

Level 1: Set ambition and build foundation
Level 2: Make steady progress
Level 3: Adopt best practice

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Engagement: In Depth


Creating more sustainable products, through using more sustainable materials and intermediate processing techniques.

VIVOBAREFOOT has a strategy to reduce the environmental impact of its products and measures the material composition of its products in detail, resulting in a level 1 score of 88%. VIVOBAREFOOT has integrated more sustainable materials into 50% of its overall collection by weight. There is room for VIVOBAREFOOT to also include more sustainable trims, non-textile components and embellishments into its product portfolio, resulting in a level 2 score of 65%. Due to more sustainable materials used in 50% of its collection VIVOBAREFOOT were awarded a score for one requirement at level 3, resulting in a score of 8%.

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Managing labour standards and human rights in the supply chain.

VIVOBAREFOOT has a strategy on human rights and labour standards. The brand requires its suppliers to sign the Code of Conduct and has visibility of its direct suppliers by geography. These activities resulted in a level 1 score of 89%. VIVOBAREFOOT continues to use a local team and third party auditors to monitor the social compliance of its suppliers. There remains room for the brand to record the number of non-compliances identified by clause and monitor corrective actions, resulting in a level 2 score of 45%. VIVOBAREFOOT did not submit level 3 evidence for this cycle.

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Use & Durability

Managing product-use impacts and extending product life.

VIVOBAREFOOT has a comprehensive strategy to reduce environmental impact from product use and to manage durability. Combined with the assignment of responsibility for management of environmental impacts of use and durability to specific roles has resulted in a score of 86% on level 1. VIVOBAREFOOT‘s senior management, including the CEO, support its use and durability strategy. There is opportunity to reduce laundry during the use phase and resulting in a score of 44% on level 2. VIVOBAREFOOT actively advertises repair services for their hand cut collection to extend the life span of its products, and has developed a strategy to role this out across all ranges, starting with a UK based service. There is room for the brand to offer a product leasing option, resulting in a score of 43% on level 3.

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Packaging & Transport

Managing impacts from transporting and packaging products.

VIVOBAREFOOT has an overall strategy to manage the environmental impacts of packaging and transport. There is opportunity for the brand to track the material composition of all its packaging, resulting in a level 1 score of 55%. VIVOBAREFOOT has assigned internal resources to deliver its SMART targets for packaging and transport. There is room for the brand to train internal teams in reducing the environmental impact of packaging and transport, leading to a score of 32% at level 2. VIVOBAREFOOT demonstrates some best practices by investing in innovative and more sustainable packaging. There is opportunity for the brand to define a pRSL and communicate it to its suppliers. The brand has been awarded with a level 3 score of 20%.

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