Creating more sustainable products, through using more sustainable materials and intermediate processing techniques.

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Level 1: Build a foundation and set ambitions

VIVOBAREFOOT has established a strategy to reduce the environmental impact of its products. VIVOBAREFOOT has clear internal responsibilities for oversight of sustainability and has communicated its sustainability expectations to its suppliers. VIVOBAREFOOT has demonstrated it monitors and measures the material composition of its products and are actively seeking to use new innovative materials. There is room for VIVOBAREFOOT to further develop and communicate its product strategy. These activities have resulted in a level 1 score of 76%.

Level 2: Make steady progress

Sustainable materials have been integrated into 32.2% of VIVOBAREFOOT’s overall collection by weight. VIVOBAREFOOT’s Head of Operations is responsible for driving the development of more sustainable products internally. VIVOBAREFOOT is yet to establish intermediate processing techniques for a selection of major product types. There is also room for VIVOBAREFOOT to set targets for achieving more sustainable products and to monitor its progress against these targets, resulting in a level 2 score of 51% .

Level 3: Adopt best practice

VIVOBAREFOOT scored on one requirement in level 3 in relation to its more sustainable materials percentage totalling 32.2% of total products by weight. This activity resulted in a level 3 score of 4% . VIVOBAREFOOT did not score on any other requirements at this level.

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