Use & Durability

Managing product-use impacts and extending product life.

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Level 1: Build a foundation and set ambitions

VIVOBAREFOOT has clear quality compliance processes which monitors post-consumer faults and has adapted products to address product durability. VIVOBAREFOOT has defined detailed quality criteria and extensively perform quality testing on its products. VIVOBAREFOOT’s product ‘in use’ care is communicated to customers through in-box labelling across 43% of its product range. There remains room for VIVOBAREFOOT to define a clear multi-year strategy and set clear targets and deliverables. These foundational activities have awarded the brand a level 1 score of 79%.

Level 2: Make steady progress

VIVOBAREFOOT trains its internal product development teams on methods to enhance product durability. However, VIVOBAREFOOT did not demonstrate formal accountability at the senior management level and is yet to formalise a strategy which includes clear targets for reducing impact from product use and enhancing durability, resulting in a level 2 score of 28%.

Level 3: Adopt best practice

VIVOBAREFOOT provides a repair service to extend the lifespan of its hand-cut products which is actively advertised to customers online. In addition, VIVOBAREFOOT builds upon its product testing programme by continually assessing potential replacement materials that enhance product longevity. However, this programme does not explicitly acknowledge the benefits of reducing use impacts through durability. There remains room for VIVOBAREFOOT to set clear targets for product durability, quantifying and assisting year-on-year improvement. This has resulted in a level 3 score of 46%.

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